Seeking to provide web and design based resources for both established companies and start-up projects, Graywill's graphic design services are affordable and flexible. Having worked for large international corporate entities and smaller non-profits, Graywill provides extensive services in branding, web and print based design and layout, advertising and marketing, and social media management. 

Logo Design // Print Collateral // Branding // Data Visualization // Infographics

App Design // Web Development // HTML & CSS // Advertising


With experience and knowledge in cloud computing, frontend navigation and backend and user interface design, wireframing and mockups, and information architecture, Graywill Creative Projects specializes in providing stylistic, modern, interactive web design services through SaaS and cloud based website building for groups and individuals. Click examples to the see the sites lives. 


Art can be a powerful tool for promoting education and bettering how we can deliver information to communities in a way that is relevant and meaningful. Graywill specializes in working to create infograhics that promote health, policy, and science literacy. Working closely with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, The Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke, The Serafini Neurocognitive Mapping Lab in the Duke Division of Neurosurgery, Graywill began designing graphics that promote various facets of global health, neuroscience, and health policy. Click the infographic examples to view them fullscreen.


When you use Graywill Creative Projects, you're getting a synthesized skill set - not just photography or art, but the design expertise needed to truly package and market you, your business, or your project. Because Graywill Creative Projects offers has worked extensively on projects that required more than one skill set, often utilizing both photography and design, coding and illustration, or videography and branding, you'll get services tailored uniquely to you and your project. 


"There is no one else on our staff that could have done what you did." -- a quote from Katie Wyatt, executive director of Kidznotes, on Graywill's contributions to the Annual Gala through a specialized fundraising project.


A fundraising thermometer created for the Kidznotes Annual Benefit Concert. Much a likeso that a new element appeared on the screen every time a certain number of donations were made: for instance, 4 people pledged $1000 each, paying for four new string instruments in the Kidznotes orchestra, so the cellos and double basses appear on screen - later 20 people made $100 pledges, purchasing music stands for the all the students, and so on until the fundraising goal was met.

A map coded and illustrated for an independent university project that had gathered a variety of data about a campus soundscape (analogous to visual landscape), such as sound types, noise pollution, preferred acoustic environments, silent regions, etc. The sound data map in the video was coded specifically to visualize the project's data and juxtapose it atop a map of the campus so that viewer's select different filters and see the relationships between different elements.


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